Spain’s Best Beaches For Every Kind Of Traveller


Spain has a whopping 5,000 miles of coastline, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to many stunning beaches. Whether you like natural and rugged or busy and bold, there is a seaside spot to please every kind of traveller in this vibrant country. Have a look at our suggestions for the best beach in Spain for you.


For the romantics

For all the lovers out there, the perfect seaside spot for a romantic stroll is El Trabucador, Catalonia. This is one of Spain’s few wild and unspoilt beaches and is still relatively unknown to tourists. It’s golden sand, stretching for 6.5 kilometers, is bordered by beautiful terrain. As you meander along, hand in hand, listen to the calm swell of the waves and look out for local the wildlife such as herons and egrets.


For the surfers

If you want to catch a few waves while you are travelling in Spain, you’ll want to spend the day at Mundaka. Mundaka is one of the most popular destinations for surfing in the world. Amongst its accolades, it is known for having the longest and best left breaking wave. The village of Mundaka itself is small but perfectly formed and has a number of accommodation options for surfers who just can’t get enough.




For the nudists

If you consider getting your kit off as an essential part of a visit to the beach, then get your bare bottom along to Cabo de Gata in San José. Cabo de Gata is a stunning national park that has dramatic and unusual rock formations, turquoise water and is bordered by volcanic mountains. For modest nudists (do they exist?) seek out a quiet spot in one of the many secluded coves.


For the serious sunbathers

Torremolinos is a busy resort of the Costa del Sol. If you want to spend some time at a bustling beach and enjoy some serious sun, sea and sangria, this is the spot for you. The strip is teeming with lively bars, restaurants and cafes perfect for travellers looking for a lively nightlife. There is also a wide choice of accommodation, from budget to plush. If you are looking for Hotels in Torremolinos Spain check out




For the peace seekers

If you are looking for a quiet escape during your time in Spain, a visit to Playa de los Genoveses in Andalucía will certainly give you the peace and quiet you are looking for. Quite the opposite from Torremolinos, the beach is in an isolated location with no restaurants or hotels as far as the eye can see.


For the culture obsessed

For those who aim to soak up as much culture as possible, the beach is not their ideal location right? Wrong! Head to Playa de Bolonia, also in Andalucía. Not only is this a picture perfect beach, but a little back from the white sands lie the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement of Baelo Claudia. Just down the road there is also a visitor centre where you can learn about the remains of this city.






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