How To Start A Travel Blog And Make A Living


A full time travel blogger who travels the world for a living. Laying on the beach with a mojito in one hand and your computer in the other. Typing a nice blog and getting a tan at the same time. Earning money with the peaceful sound of the waves in the background. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Well, it is a really nice job, but the reality is slightly different than most people think. It takes a while for your travel blog to be profitable, it is not as easy as you think and it will not always be enjoyable. Read this guide and think before you give up your day job.




How to start your travel blog

Choose a niche or purpose
Choose a niche if you want to earn money with your travel blog. People should get a clear idea of your expertise when they land on your page. Here are some questions that will help you figure out your niche:

1. What kind of information do I want to share with others?
2. What are my strengths? What is my expertise?
3. What kind of blogs do I like and why?
4. What are my interests and hobbies?

Choose a blog name
Don’t just pick a blog name! You should really think about this. Here are some rules to think about when you choose a name: make sure it reads cleanly and nice in a URL, choose words that represent your niche, pick a name that makes sense and check if your name is available. Ask people around you about what they think of your list of ideas. And also, sleep on it. Having a hard time coming up with ideas? Do a brainstorm session with friends, family or colleagues. You will figure it out.

Choose a web host
Now you have a name it is time to choose blogging software to manage your blog. WordPress is the most popular software at the moment and it´s free! You will get a URL like If you want your own web host you like you need to pay WordPress some money. It is recommended to do this from the start if you are serious about blogging. The most popular web host among travel bloggers right now is SiteGround. It costs $3,95 a month.

Choose a theme
It is time for the fun part, choosing a theme. WordPress offers a couple of free themes. You can also use designed themes from Themeforest. WordPress and Themeforest both have free themes and paid themes. Check the reviews before you choose a theme. Make sure it is an easy-to-use theme.

Start posting!
Now that you have chosen a niche, name, blog software and theme, it’s time to start blogging! Share your thoughts with the world and don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from you previous blogs. Travel blogger Nomadic Matt didn’t get a million visitors a month right away as well, right?




How to make your travel blog profitable

Be honest
Honest blogs with quality are most likely to be taken seriously by companies and audiences. Invest in your writing. Always re-read and improve your blog posts. Be concise in your blogs, make it nice to read instead of a shitload of information. And read as much as you can! Reading will improve your writing and will inspire you.

Consistency and patience is key
Post routinely. It will generate interest and engagement from readers. How often do you post? That is all up to you. Remember that is better to post less but with quality than more but in a rush. And also, be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither will your travel blog.

Get help from experts
If you want to take your blog to the next level it is important to invest in a blogging course. Some examples are Travel Blog Success and Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt. It will learn you how to really monetise your travel blog. Especially with affiliates. If you take one of these courses you will get access to a private Facebook group with fellow travel bloggers (also really popular ones!) where you can ask any question you want.

Be passionate and brave
You have to be passionate to have the motivation to write every week for a long period of time. If you don’t have passion, your blog will not last. And don’t be scared! Fear prevents people a lot of times from being creative. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the world!

Choose how to earn
There are different ways to start earning once you have traffic. One way is to insert Google banner ads. You’ll need high traffic on posts to generate income. Most blogs think that ads are not worthwhile. Another, popular way of earning money is affiliate links. Brands pay a little commission to get a link in certain relevant content like a reviewed product. Last, sponsored content is also common used. A sponsored post is content written for a company and published on your blog.


So these are the basics on starting and maintaining a travel blog. Grab a cup of coffee and good luck!

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    A great social media presence and interaction with the audience can make your travel blog more attractive for your prospects, which can turn your blog into a profitable source of earning.

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