Surfing Cocles Beach, Puerto Viejo

Whether sunbathing or surfing Cocles Beach is the places to go. Not too crowded but there’s a few people if you like to have a nose and people watch from behind your book, or slyly check out the hot surfers without your boyfriend knowing ;) Just 5 minutes walk from Rockin J’s hostel and about 15 minutes from the centre of Puerto Viejo, at the right time of year this beach kicks up some awesome waves for the pro’s. Lucky for Gaz and I these waves were perfect size for our beginner bambi legs.

Having spent most of our time practicing in the Pacific it was nice to be greeted by waves in the warm, clear seas of the Caribbean. I’d definitely recommend it for first-time surfers. You can pick up a board on the beach for $10 for half the day, which gives you enough time to get in the most important activity, what I like to call ‘napbathing’.

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  1. Puerto Viejo Costa Rica 27 June, 2014 at 7:38 pm #

    Cocles and Puerto Viejo are two great surf spot in the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

    Sala brava is a great wave really close to cocles. Many of the best surfers of Costa Rica came from this area such as Gilbert Brown, Misael Brown and Nino Myrie

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