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What luxury travel means to us…

Best At Travel set us the challenge of writing about ‘what luxury travel means to us’, so here goes…. As a very sociable couple we spend most of our time, whether it be at home or abroad, surrounded by people. We love making new friends from different cultures and meeting up with old friends to […]

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The Best and Worst of Nicaragua

I think we can safely say, Nicaragua has been one of the best countries either of us have ever been too. With the exchange rate at 23 cordobas to a dollar, which equals around 60p it’s incredibly cheap. A slap up meal (if you can find one) will cost around 3 quid and a taxi […]

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Semana Santa, San Juan del Sur

We’d heard a lot about this celebration but didn’t really know what to expect as the translation of Semana Santa simply means ‘Holy Week’. Apparently San Juan was the place to be to really get the party going and as this coincided with Ollie’s visit we had wanted to take him to San Juan to […]

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A day in Masaya

Masaya is a large town in between Managua and Granada, and although it is famous for its markets selling souvenirs, we found it to be much less touristy that most of the other cities in Nicaragua. It’s conveniently located right next to Laguna de Apoyo (one of our must see places in Nicaragua) so you […]

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I <3 Nicaragua

I ♥ nicargua

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. We travelled through Honduras over two days after leaving Roatan so we could get to Nicaragua asap, and we love it here! It’s so cheap, it’s got amazing scenery, coastlines on the Pacific for surfing and the Caribbean for diving and the people are […]

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Maderas sunset

A night at the beach – surf’s up!

In the aim of a detox Gaz and I thought we should spend some solo time at the beach, so we headed over to Maderas Beach one of the most famous surf beaches in Nicargua. Dead excited to get involved and start my surfer girl career, we though this would be a great option. Turns […]

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Full Moon in the Jungle

After a short stop In Granada, which was a lovely city to stroll around and look at all the old churches and architecture we travelled about 10km into the jungle on the full moon for a treehouse rave. Arriving there at lunchtime we underestimated the lack of food and so after an afternoon of drinking […]

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