The Beautiful Baltics: A Traveller’s Guide


Nestled between Russia and the Baltic sea; the Baltics are a popular destination for those seeking a getaway and travellers who want to spend time exploring and discovering the culture and history in the area. Over the past decade or so, the Baltic states have embraced more western culture and habits, and the capital cities are vibrant places brimming with cosmopolitan cafes and stylish hotels and shopping boutiques.

There are also still regions that will provide the curious with Soviet charm (ahem), so you’ll be able to capture some bleak images on your phone or camera. The following are some ideas for those who don’t know what the Baltics are all about, and some places to pop on your travelling agenda.




Get In On The Action

First-time visitors should focus their attention on the capitals of the states; all of them have plenty of history and architecture and will provide the modern comfort of stylish bistros, restaurants, and accommodation, so you can go as luxury or as budget as you like. Overnight trips to any of the capitals will ensure that you get a decent dose of vibrant nightlife and can leave suitably full of food (and perhaps a little hungover).

For those who want to escape the city life and explore a more natural setting; there are plenty of unspoiled landscapes and picturesque forest areas to start taking pictures of. Estonia, for example, has brown bears and lynx; so there’s always something exciting (and maybe dangerous) to spot on your travels around the great outdoors.

The Baltic beaches have been compared to those in the Mediterranean, and you can check out the best ones to visit during the summer sun from The Guardian and start filling up your travel agenda. So, whether you’re after a swim in the sea, a historical city fix, or some breathtaking nature; they’ll be something to fulfil your desires if you visit the Baltics.




Getting There And Getting Around

Traveling from each place within the Baltics isn’t as straightforward as you might like; when on land you’ll probably have to rely on coaches, as the railway system is slow and unreliable, and flights between cities are aimed at the business traveller, meaning that prices are high. It’s worth checking out some TV cruise deals and exclusive cruise offers from Love It Book It so that you can safely and efficiently visit an array of places in one trip, and you won’t have to worry about booking loads of separate travel tickets or passes.

Car hire is an option once you’re on land; however, be warned that the local driving standards aren’t what you’ll be used to in the UK, so it’s only for the brave and confident drivers. For more of a leisurely expedition around the towns and countryside; bicycle hire is always a cheap and cheerful route to take, and you’ll work off those pints of beer you enjoyed the night before. However you decide to travel to and within the Baltics; it’s worth doing your research beforehand so that you won’t end up stranded anywhere and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.


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