The Best Live Music Venues In Seattle


Music is an integral component of the unique culture that Seattle has to offer. Live music in the Emerald City happens often and in wide variety of venues. Whether you prefer something small and intimate or large with great harmonics, there is a little something for everyone. Here are the best live venues to look at when finding your preferred concert while in the city.




#1. Jewelbox Theater

You’ve got a little bit of everything Seattle has to offer at this venue. Not only is it reportedly haunted, but the small stage that was built in 1927 puts you right up close to the music. There’s a definite feeling of the swinging 20’s on display with the handful of tables and booths. A packed house means you’re in there with about 60 other people. You’ll find this venue in Belltown’s Film Row.


#2. The Blue Moon

Opened in 1934, this is one of the few venues in Seattle that will give you the authentic blue’s experience. There are a few rock and grunge shows sprinkled in from time to time. It’s atmosphere is a lot like if you took a log cabin out of the woods, put it into the heart of the city, and said, “Let’s open up a tavern and play something cool.” It’s a little rough around the edges, but you’ll love this local favorite down in the University District.


#3. Triple Door

This is a favorite in downtown Seattle and you’ll see why if you catch a show here. The acoustics are perfect for jazz, but you’ll find acts from all over the world gracing the stage. There are plenty of booths available that offer a great view. It seats about 200 and there’s room for another 50 or so when stating. Come hungry for their full dinner menu and then stay for the show.


#4. The Crocodile

This performance space is highly underrated in Belltown. Wood-fired pizza is available if you’re hungry and there’s plenty of space to dance and move if you want. Back in the 90s, this was the venue that every top act played. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and other grunge rock masters have all graced this stage. Today it plays more EDM and Indie, but there’s still a good variety in the acts every year.


#5. Benaroya Hall

The home of the Seattle Symphony is one of the best concert spaces you’ll ever find yourself. Designed by Cyril M. Harris, a master in acoustical design, Benaroya has often been called his masterpiece. If you want to see something other than the symphony, touring acts will play the venue throughout the year. It also offers a full bar and Starbucks has a franchise inside if you need a coffee fix.


#6. The Paramount

This venue sees all the big acts that come through Seattle, so it has to make the list of the best live music venues. It’s an auditorium venue, so don’t expect something fantastic, but there are plenty of concessions on site. Spring for the VIP experience to get beer, wine, or hard cider and a much more comfortable experience.




The best live music venues in Seattle all offer something unique for those who want to catch a show while in town. Check Seattle concerts calendars, get tickets in advance if you can, and then plan on having an amazing experience.



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