The Kings of Second Wind



Hi guys! So here we are sitting on our epic plane journey of 22 hours (I’ve just stopped Gaz from carrying out some ‘Rocky’ inspired training down the aisle!) and we thought it was about time we wrote you a little message.

We wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you for the amazing send off, it’s definitely made leaving that bit harder, but you’ll all be with us the entire time as we see and hear things that remind us of each of you.


We’ve got 6 hours to go until we reach LA and we’re already feeling the second the wind, after a nap on the first plane, and again on the second, we’re ready to explore! Although we’re faced with one small problem…. we don’t have a car rental or hotel booked for the night (Gaz!) so we’ll be free-styling until we pick up our rental car at 10am tomorrow morning. From then, destination unknown. We’ll be visiting Hollywood on Friday to see one of my clients / Rising Digital DJ’s play at Avalon, until then I think we’ll be hitting the beaches – Venice, Manhattan and Santa Monica. So get ready for some piccies to make you all envious.


Until then, love to you all and here’s a few words from the boy…




Flying with the Swiss has been quite an experience. My last encounter with the Swiss was during the smash hit cool runnings, where their crisp clean bobsledding starts were the envy of the Jamaican team. Not that I am selling out on Jamaica (it’s way too perfect) but the Swiss seem to do things pretty well, there is an understated class to he way they go about things, from their little pocket watch’s to swanky penknife’s; even the name Zurich makes you think of a James Bond movie. I’ve also had a desire to own a Swiss bank account too (could be something to do with the lack of traceability), but enough about the Swiss;


Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up, its party time!  None of this eins, zwei, drei bollocks, just a bit of Bedouin Soundclash…

Big Love :-)

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