The most important thing I’ve learned from travelling…

After spending a large percentage of the past four years on the road, I have seen and learned a lot. I’ve had the chance to understand different cultures, taste cuisine from all over the world, find friendship across a range of nationalities, view landscape and nature that I never knew existed, the list goes on. But there’s one thing I believe to hold more importance than all of the above… Travelling has taught me that I can do anything. Let me explain…

Many people that know Gaz and I, think we’re extremely lucky, which we are, but our lifestyle is based on more than luck. It’s based on a belief that we can achieve anything and much of this belief has come from the things we’ve learned from traveling. For example, we recently held a small festival called Rumbellion, which was a huge success and we were so flattered by the lovely comments from ‘this is my best festival ever’ to ‘you should be so proud’ and ‘I don’t know know anyone else who could/would do this’. This feedback got me thinking about a number of things a) At what point did I turn into the type of person who could pull of running a festival? b) At what point did I gain the confidence to think I could do it? c) Why isn’t this the type of thing other people would do? And all the answers stemmed back to travelling.




When you travel you see entrepreneurship everywhere, corporations are much more limited in the third world, for example you buy your food from a shack, usually hand built by the head of the family, whilst the food is lovingly prepared by the mother and the washing up is taken care of by the eldest of ten kids. That’s the way the world works in a so many of the countries I’ve visited, from Nicaragua to Indonesia. And it’s not just food, it can be anything from tuk tuk drivers to surf board rentals to laundrettes. Entrepreneurship is everywhere. It’s a skill we don’t use enough in the Western world, and yet it’s so valuable. People all over the globe carve their way in life and don’t rely on the corporate hierarchy we know so well in the UK.

So whatever your dream is in life, don’t sit on it, pursue it! I promise you you can do it! It might feel like it requires an endless amount of hard work (and if it’s a great dream it probably will) but it’ll all be worth it in the end. After all there are people out there achieving their dreams with very little support, finance, education, etc whereas most of us have access to all of those things. If you don’t believe me book that plane ticket and see the world first, then you’ll understand that you really can do anything!



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