Three Places You Need To See Before They Are Gone: JustFly’s List


Whether its pollution, climate change, or just time, everything on this planet has a best before date. This goes too for some of planet’s largest and most famous artifacts and natural wonders. While its easy to get dragged into the politics of why these things happen, it’s also important to put politics aside and place the spotlight on what you need to see before its gone. With that in mind, I spoke with JustFly. An online travel agency, JustFly reviews attractions across the world so they can better inform curious travellers about their options. With their expertise, I have come up with a top three  must-see destinations you need to see before it’s too late.


The Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest reef system, The Great Barrier Reef is located just off the shores of Australia. This reef system, which is visible from space and measures over 344,000 square kilometres, is home to thousands of different species of aquatic life and is one of the most fascinating places to snorkel or scuba dive. Unfortunately, coral bleaching is having a profound effect on the health of the reef, killing off coral and ruining habitats. In addition to coral bleaching, the reef has fallen victim to pollution, shipping accidents, and overfishing. While estimates vary, this reef system may be completely dead within a few decades.




The Dead Sea

Famous for its salty seas that allow swimmers to perpetually float, The Dead Sea is a famous attraction located between Jordan and Israel. While the Sea is still there, it has dealt with some major adversity according to JustFly. The Sea itself is no longer the prime recipient of the Jordan River, which has led to the lake drying out. While it was once over 1000 square kilometres in size, The Dead Sea now only covers an area of 600 square kilometres. What’s worse is that the area itself is now also exposed to more freshwater. What this has done has washed out a lot of the salt below ground, creating the opportunity for large sinkholes to form as the top soil loses the support of the once strong salt deposits.




The Taj Mahal

A massive, marble mausoleum, The Taj Mahal is a massive monument to Indian royalty from the 1600’s. Commissioned by Shah Jahan in 1632 for his deceased wife, The Taj Mahal remained under construction until 1653. This tomb today would cost roughly $827 million USD to build. It is widely considered today to be a grand representation of Indian style from the times and has become a symbol of Indian heritage. Unfortunately, pollution has done a number on this structure, with acid rain being the main culprit. While ongoing work has extended its life span, it is believed the Taj Mahal could collapse in the very near future due to its age and the state of the environment in the region.




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Remember you will need a Visa for India which can be organised online before your trip. If you need any further info, leave a comment below.

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