Travel Through Time In East London With Time Run


Escape rooms are popping up all of the country but we have to say one of our favourites is Time Run in East London. So when we heard they had a whole new adventure, called The Celestial Chain, we had to go along and see if we could help save the world, of course!




The game is suitable for up to five players so we gathered our best crew of pirates and jumped through the time portal on a grim Wednesday afternoon in December. After coming very close to retrieving the ‘Lance of Longinus’ in the first chapter of Time Run, we were confident, with an extra couple of players, that we could bind the evil goddess back into her tomb! To do so, we needed to collect a selection of important artefacts from different time periods by solving various puzzles. Think Crystal Maze meets Time Team – but much better because you get to have all the fun!

But remember you’ll be rated on the various skills it requires for your team to complete the challenges including communication, logic, lateral thinking, dexterity and persistence. In hindsight, taking a rebellious bunch of pirates probably wasn’t the best strategy, so use this warning and collect together your best team mates! There’s no prizes to be won, but you can leave feeling super-smug knowing that you just traveled through time and saved the world as we know it! Good luck Time Runners!




Time Run is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and you can book tickets HERE

(Tip – A discounted ‘off-peak’ rate is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.)



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