Top Locations for a Winter Break in 2018


It’s that time of year again, the frosty mornings are setting in whilst we sit and dream of warmer climates. As digital nomads we usually spend January and February away form the UK but with the whole year ahead to plan out we like to find a nice cosy apartment that allows us to continue with work, whilst exploring somewhere new. So if you’re looking to switch seasons and head to the Southern Hemisphere, or just fancy trying out a new city, get yourself a serviced apartment.


Our top locations for a winter break in 2018 include:


1) Cape Town, South Africa

Perched at the very southwestern tip of Africa, Cape Town is considered by many one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the craggy mountains to the glittering sea, white beaches and green valleys, what’s not to love?! It’s a costal metropolis that boasts some of the most breathtaking views and with so many activities on offer, it’s hard to be bored here.




2) Panama City, Panama

When we visited Panama City during our first year of traveling we were blown away how developed and cosmopolitan a city could be in Central America. But we loved every second, it hadn’t lost that traditional charm despite the influx of high rise buildings. The old town displayed it’s colonial heritage and with the tropical rainforests and beaches a short ride away, where better to set up base camp?!




3) Lisbon, Portugal

Looking for somewhere a little closer to home? Why not head to Portugal?! Lisbon is a bustling city right on the beach and this could just be the best time of year to visit. With less tourists you can enjoy a locals view of the city and with average temperatures sitting at around 15 degrees, it certainly beats the 2 degrees we’re currently experiencing in London. Plus, if you love to surf and you’re prepared to brave the cold Atlantic Ocean this is a great time to head out and catch some uncrowded waves. You could even double this trip up with a stint in Morocco like we did last year, read our Surf Morocco: Ultimate Driving Guide for more info.




And to top it all off, there’s plenty of reasons why you should be looking at serviced apartments over hotels, from being cheaper to more eco-friendly, and you can feel at home, so whether you’re looking for a couple of weeks away or a couple of months, there’s so many new places to explore!

So where will you be spending this winter??



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