Top Reasons To Visit Italy in 2015


Italy is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. However, the bulk of our interest tends to revolve around the capital city of Rome.

In fairness, it’s not hard to understand as Rome is a remarkable city steeped in history and culture. Meanwhile, people looking to visit as many countries as possible can also tick off Vatican City in the process.

However, there are plenty of other top reasons to visit Italy. Here are some reasons that you’ve probably never considered.



When thinking about hot European destinations, most people will think about Spain, Greece or France. However, Italy is often just as warm as those destinations in the summer months. Better still, it offers a much greater way to enjoy it.

This is simply due to the laid back lifestyle. Of course, countries like Spain share a similar mentality. Quite frankly, though, the afternoon Siesta can become annoying. It feels like you’re wasting your precious vacation time.

The weather in Italy is often overlooked by holidaymakers, yet we all know what an important factor it is. Your options are increased dramatically when the sun is out, and that’s pretty often on Italian soil. Just remember to bring your sunblock!





The climate isn’t the only underappreciated quality of Italy, though. The Italians are great at making life feel more comfortable. More importantly, they are particularly accommodating of their visitors.

Luxury living in Italy makes it the perfect destination for career focused people. It offers an opportunity to take a step back and give their body and mind a chance to recuperate. Meanwhile, it also creates the perfect environment for families or loving couples.

When thinking about luxury, Italy probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best.





Most holidaymakers appreciate what Rome has to offer. However, the arts play an integral role throughout Italian culture. You don’t have to visit the capital to soak it in.

There are dozens of world famous painters and artists from Italy. Meanwhile, the Roman Empire’s influence can be felt in cities outside of the capital too. Moreover, football is a key part of life in the country shaped like a boot. So sports fans can visit famous teams like Juventus and Napoli too. Meanwhile, Milan is heralded as one of the fashion capitals of the world too. If you’re into style, then visiting one of the fashion week’s is a must.

Additionally, places like Pisa and Venice offer rewards that you’d never find anywhere else in the world.





I don’t care what anybody else suggests, food plays a hugely important part of the holiday. Even if you’re a fitness freak, a vacation gives you a chance to stop worrying about your body and concentrate on pleasing your taste buds.

There are many great places to eat around the world, and we all love to try new things on holiday. However, you can’t beat a traditional Italian dish. Everyone loves pizza, pasta and other signature Italian cuisine. And it tastes miles better when you eat it in the country of its origin.

Your mind might want to try strange meats from various other countries. But the tongue loves what the tongue loves. Honestly, you can’t beat a bit of Italian tucker.


So there’s just a handful of reasons why you should visit Italy for your next holiday!

Have you been to Italy? Send us your top tips!



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