Travel Habits: The Good, The Bad and The Annoying


We recently came across an interesting study carried out by Barcelo Travel Insights, that delved into the travel habit’s of UK holiday makers. Two of the most interesting discoveries were:

1.     Generation X see travel time as the most important factor on a short getaway, whereas Millennials are more concerned about letting loose in the local nightlife.

2.     Compared to men only spending £750-£1000, women are more likely to spend over a surprising £1000+ on a getaway.

And it got us thinking… With so many miles under out belt, what are our travel habits?


The Good

Since we began our long haul journey back in 2011 we have tended to visit developing nations, opposed to lapping up luxury in the western world. This has been a deliberate choice for a number of reasons: firstly, your money goes much further, meaning we can stay on the road longer and get to really understand and enjoy the country we’re visiting. Now although this doesn’t necessarily fall under ‘the good’ the knock on effect does, in that we’re spending time and money in these countries, buying from locals, investing our time in helping the people we meet, and of course, publicising these places and helping to grow the local tourism industry.

Secondly, we tend to prefer these countries. Of course, we love luxury and nice hotels etc However some of our best and most memorable experiences are when life gets back to basics, like climbing a coconut tree in the Phillipines to get some much needed refreshment, or iguana hunting in the jungle on Roatan, so our friend Allan could cook up his speciality for dinner (Note – this one was before we were veggies!) So instead of playing it safe and heading to that luxury cabana, it could be worth looking for something a little more unusual.




The Bad

As many of us are eco conscious travellers, I’m sure you’ll agree, that ‘the bad’ focusses on all those air miles! Yes we’ve definitely clocked up a few but it always rest heavy on our shoulders when we’ve taken a lot of plane journeys. But, it’s not all doom and gloom, there are a few things we do to try and alleviate this. Did you know that a lot of Airlines will allow you to extend your layover so you can spend some time in your ‘stop over country’? We’ve managed to see lots of fabulous places this way. For example, when we went to live in Bali for a year, we were flying there with Sri Lankan airlines with a stop in the capital Colombo for a night. We asked them if we could extend the stopover and so we ended up backpacking through Sri Lanka for a whole month! On the way home, we did the same thing in the Philippines.


sri lanka


The Annoying

We love to sleep! I’m sure we sleep more than most and always make sure we get at least 8 hours sleep per night, even if we go to bed late. This means we often miss morning activities, think yoga on the beach, dawn hikes up volcanoes, etc The older we get, the better we’ve get at getting up (I am writing this at 7am – *smug face*) but during our early 20s, we often struggled to make check out, usually dragging our backpack out of the dorm an hour late. I’m sure we’re not alone here, but it has been an annoying travel habit of ours that I’m hoping will change throughout our 30s!


Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet


Do you have good, bad and annoying travel habits?


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  1. Diego Monterey 23 February, 2018 at 7:52 am #

    I can relate to this! What I really hate about traveling is having a flight in the wee hours of the morning. Ugh, the struggle to wake up early!

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