What To Pack for a Winter Break


When you travel in the winter, you need to pack a little differently. It is important to be ready for the fact that the weather conditions are going to be variable, at best. Below is my pick of essential items that you really should add to your list.




The right type of knitwear

You do not necessarily have to choose thick, durable knitwear to be able to stay nice and warm. Over the years, the clothing industry has come up with new and innovative man-made fabrics that are very good at keeping you warm. They look good and have the added advantage of being lightweight. Plus, if you choose wisely you can pick up items like jumpers and cardigans that are easy to rinse out and get dry quickly. Most do not even need ironing.


A pack-away coat

A good coat is an essential for any traveller. However, it is also a good idea to pack a lightweight foldable coat. These are great for wearing instead of your heavy coat on warmer days. Plus, should the weather be really bad you have the option to put it on over the top of your big coat to provide an extra layer of protection.


Technology friendly gloves

Every traveller should pack a hat and gloves. When your extremities are warm, the rest of you usually is as well. If possible look for a pair of gloves that allow you to continue to use your touchscreen devices. That way when you need to zoom in or out on a map you will not have to take a glove off and risk losing it. Hats with Bluetooth capabilities built in are well worth considering too.


A large scarf or shawl

A wide scarf or shawl is great for keeping the chill off when you wear them in the traditional way under your coat. Plus if you get stuck in an airport overnight you can take them off and use them as a light blanket. They are surprisingly effective at keeping the worst of the draughts off. If you are really unlucky and have to sit on the floor you can fold it up and sit on it. This may not be very comfortable, but you will stay a lot warmer.




Thermal underwear

A lot of people hate the idea of wearing thermal underwear. They tend to think of this kind of clothing as old-fashioned and potentially uncomfortable to wear. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Modern thermal underwear is styled to look like any other style of clothing. You can buy items that look good enough to wear as an alternative to a regular t-shirt or leggings or in the traditional way as a layer of underwear.


Fitting it all in

As you can see, most of the items I am suggesting you take with you are not thick and bulky. I have done this deliberately because I know that most of you will want to travel with hand luggage, which means that what you can carry is limited. Therefore, generally speaking, the lighter the items you pack are the better it is for you. If you are really tight on space the compact packing tips you can find here, will really make a difference to how much stuff you can fit into a hand luggage sized case.


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  1. Kath Mendez 28 November, 2017 at 2:48 am #

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been planning to have white Christmas and I honestly don’t have any idea what to pack.

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