The Backpack

Whether you’re planning a round the world trip or a month-long holiday, what you need to take with you will pretty much be the same. We use a Berghaus 55 litre Jalan Rucksack, which comes with a detachable 15 litre backpack. We like this style because it’s not the usual open top rucksack, it has a zip all the way around the side so you can open it like a suitcase. It also has a cover to zip over the straps when traveling through airports.


The most important items in our luggage tend to be the electronics. Everything else is easily replaceable but as our laptops provide the means to work and make money, we’d be lost without them


I use a 128 GB Macbook Air 11″ and Gaz uses a 11.6″ Acer Aspire One 1772 with 500 GB and 4 GB RAM. For the kind of work we do online (Digital Marketing) having both a Mac and PC often proves to be very useful as we each have different software and use the Mac for design based work and the PC for programming. Both are extremely light and portable, perfect for traveling, as we rarely go anywhere without them.


Another important part of our computer kit is our 3.5G Universal Dongle which enables us to get on the internet anywhere in the world, once we’ve purchased a local SIM card and topped up. On our recent trip to Vietnam we topped up $10 and got 3GB of internet, which is fine for sending emails, browsing and download/uploading small files. It’s worth doing your research to check which company has the best coverage and offers the best internet package for the price. (Tip – If you are considering using this in the UK, order a Giff Gaff SIM for free and top up £12 a month to get unlimited internet usage, as well as free calls and texts)


We use a Samsung WB700 Digital Camera – Black (14MP, 18x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD to get snaps for the blog and to make sure we have memories of our travels for years to come.

Hard Drive

We also take carry a WD My Passport 500GB to back up files (including all of our photos in case anything happens to the camera) and we carry a large selection of movies for all those long bus journeys and quiet nights in. (I have a second hard drive I keep at home with a full time machine back up of my Mac, just in case, god forbid, anything happens to my laptop. I can replicate everything on my laptop on a new version. For longer trips I’d take this with me and make sure it’s stashed separately to everything else.)

And More electronics…

Finally, a few basic pieces of electronics we carry are our headphone splitter. This means we can use two sets of headphones in one socket which is great for watching a movie on your laptop or listening to an ipod on the beach. You can pick these up for about £2 – £3, and if you’re traveling in a pair, they’re invaluable!

As avid music lovers we carry some portable Logitech speakers to use with our laptops, and the newest recruit to our tech-pack is our X-mini II Mini Speaker. We  bought an X-mini to keep in our rucksack for trips to the beach, and at the bargain price of £16 it was well worth the money, the sound quality is great for such a tiny speaker!


We also carry an A4 zip lock folder to carry our paperwork in. This stops everything getting wet if you get caught in a downpour, and the zip locks keeps everything secure. In the folder we carry our immunisation certificate, diving log book, copies of our driving license and passport, insurance information, banking paperwork and secure key and my black book of all the phone numbers, passwords and other useful details.

Other Useful Items

  • Adapters for your electrical equipment
  • Memory stick for quick transfers
  • Medical Kit
  • Book
  • Compass
  • Playing Cards
  • Padlocks
  • Headtorch
  • Waterproof mac

Obviously we have toiletries and clothes as well but this is really up to the individual. Plus, I’m not the greatest person to advise on which clothes to take as a serial-over-packer I still can’t get it right!

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