7 Days In Sicily: Must See

I recently talked about a beautiful Italian Island in another post, and today I would like you to discover another incredible place in Italy: Sicily.

Most of you may know this Island because of mafia-related movies and other not-so-flattering stories, but Sicily is an enchanting and peaceful island, perfect for relaxing with family or friends.

Here are some useful tips to prepare for your trip to Sicily…


First of all you need to choose the best period to visit the island. The best season runs from May to October (sometimes even November), so there is no need to go during the hottest (and most expensive) period i.e. August. In any case I suggest you book your tickets and hotel early, as this is the best way to save money. September is also a very good time to visit Sicily since the weather is still warm and beaches are less chaotic.

How to reach Sicily

You can easily reach Sicily by plane, Ryanar air has some cheap fares, or if you are visiting the mainland first, you can easily reach the island by ferry, in just a few hours. I suggest you take a tour to http://www.traghettiper-sicilia.it/en/ to compare all the ferry companies available and choose the most convenient one. You can reach the island from Naples, Salerno, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Cagliari; the ferry option will also allow you to take with you a car or a motorbike, so it will be easier to explore the island once you arrive.

How to move around Sicily

As I mentioned before, it’s a good idea to bring a car with you or to rent one upon arrival. This will allow you to explore the island properly and reach all the beaches. A motorbike is even better, as it’s easier to find parking spots. Alternatively you can use public transportation, but this is a risky and slower option.

Where to sleep

Taormina is a good base to start the journey. It’s placed on the eastern coast which provides access to some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, plus the city is very beautiful and totally worth a visit.

Now that you have all the basic information, let the journey begin!

Day 1 – Arrival in Catania and transfer to Taormina. Once in Taormina you absolutely must visit the Greek Theater, one of the symbols of Sicily. Then take a break and taste a great “granita”, typical Sicilian frozen dessert.

Day 2 – Mount Etnais a still active volcano which overlooks Catania and its province from its 3,300 meters of altitude. You can choose different paths to reach the top: the southern one or the northern one.

Day 3 – Aeolian islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli. From the port of Milazzo you can buy tickets for mini cruises to these beautiful volcanic islands. Prepare for incredible sunsets and landscapes.

Day 4 – The Godfather path. If you fancy visiting the legendary places from the Godfather movie, I suggest you take a tour to Savoca, Forza d’Agro and Castello degli Schiavi. Besides the movie, these places worth a visit since they represent the real soul of the island and are full of history and tradition.

Day 5 – Syracuse. This city has hosted some of the most important historical personalities in the world such as Archimedes, Epicharmus and Theocritus. It was a glorious city that has preserved it’s charm.

Day 6 – Relax in Taormina – the journey is almost at its end, so enjoy one last tour in Taormina and taste the extraordinary culinary tradition of the city. Take some time to go to the beach and enjoy the nightlife.

Day 7 – Find your way home… And start planning your next trip!!

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