Reasons to Stop in Sri Lanka on Your Way to India

On your way to India, most people can’t help but make a stop in Sri Lanka. There are endless possibilities of things you can do in Sri Lanka before proceeding on to India. Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most visited islands, making it a great tourist destination. First things first however, you would need to get a Sri Lanka transit visa even if you are just stopping there for a few days before proceeding to India, or another country.


The fascinating culture of Sri Lankans is something to behold. In the capital city of Colombo, for instance, you can discover colonial architecture that was left from the British, Dutch, and Portuguese empires. At Galle, you’ll marvel upon the grass walls of Galle Fort, National Museum of Galle, and Galle Lighthouse.


Fancy visiting a jungle? Take a visit to the Wetland Sanctuary, where you will see loads of diverse wildlife. You also can watch whales at the seaside if you would like. If you are looking to go on a safari while here, then Uda Walawe National Park is the right place for you! There, you will find majestic elephants, sambar deer, mongooses, sloth bears, jackals, and much more.

Religious Monuments

You can organize visits to several sacred religious monuments such as the Anuradhapura Temple, which is an intrinsic mix of archaeology and architecture. There also are many temples, towers, and ancient pools to explore spread about on the island nation.


In Sri Lanka you will find the most stunning beaches in the world, that offer plenty of different accommodations and a variety of things to do. Unawatuna is a beach filled with great places to stay that you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of coral reefs to dive and many types of water activities to bring out your inner explorer.


Sri Lanka is famous for flavourful foods and spices. Whether you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the country to go if you are looking to add some spice to your life and colour to your plate. You will find Curry everywhere and for a low price, as it is made deliciously by Sri Lankans. Its spices are rich and tasty, that will you often want to down with a nice, cold beer.

Mountain Climbing

In Sri Lanka, catch yourself winding up and down mountains, and enjoy breath-taking hikes to the picks of Adam or Sri Pada. The peak is one of the most notable pilgrimages for the locals.

Pocket-Friendly Trips

The island nation is just oh-so lovely, and very budget friendly! You can visit all the tourist attractions sites and do all of the activities you want, for just a few dollars usually.


You can shop many things in here to your heart’s desire, starting from handcrafted island specialties while sunbathing on the sandy beaches, to buying the freshest fruits from traditional stores as you sidestep bags of rice. You also can shop for garments as you enjoy the luxurious Sri Lankan shopping centres.

Important Details

1) Transportation
To get around Sri Lanka, you can hire a car, driver, take a taxi (which they refer to as tuk-tuk) or use public means like buses or trains.

2) Accommodation
The island has a wide range of accommodations that fits any budget. There are beachside shacks, elegant mansions and luxury hotels and villas to accommodate your modest or extravagant taste!

3) Water
Unfortunately, most of the drinking water supply is unsafe. You should try to drink treated or boiled water to avoid any gastro bugs or other illnesses.

4) vaccinations
You do need certain vaccinations before or after arriving in Sri Lanka. Some recommended vaccinations include for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, and rabies.
Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations because of its vast, yet mysteriously beautiful forests, landscapes, and white beaches. Its rich and diverse cultural heritage also makes this island a tourist hub. A combination of wander, mystery and great beauty awaits you in Sri Lanka.

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