Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit Greece

  Greece is an amazing country with lots of great sights and attractions. Currently, most travellers can’t see the benefits of visiting Greece because of the negatives. Thanks to the Eurozone crisis, the country is in turmoil and holidaymakers and travellers alike are giving it a wide berth. However, it is now the perfect time […]

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The Places You Must Visit In America

  America is such a vast country. You can travel around it for weeks or months and experience such a wide variety of things. It’s like traveling around a series of different countries as you hop from state to state. But here are the key places you must visit in America.   New York City New […]

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Top Immersive Experiences in London

  Recently there has been a boom in immersive theatre, particularly in the capital where this has proved to be a big money… if executed correctly. Since we’ve settled in East London we’ve been fascinated with new phenomenon and how the British culture is moving towards more hand on experiences rather than simply watching a film […]

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Top Five: JustFly Gives You Five Reasons To Visit Montreal

  While Canada often doesn’t feature high on the list when it comes to top travel destinations, Montreal, Quebec is a city that stands out as a unique destination in the Great White North. With its bilingual charm, unique heritage, and historic architecture, Montreal presents travellers with a truly European experience within North America. So, […]

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Santorini: A Jewel In The Mediterranean Crown

  In the last few years, there’s been a lot of interest in creating travel bucket lists. Many of us have probably spent too much time daydreaming about our next holiday destination, and planning the fantasy trip of a lifetime. The truth is that often, the beauty and wonder of places can be exaggerated. But […]

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Working Abroad And How To Prepare For The Journey

  Although you might not like the idea, working while you are traveling is a great way to extend your trip. Many backpackers and travelers decide to work abroad because it is amazing. There is nothing like working in a place that is completely foreign and different. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can turn […]

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Top Reasons To Have A Gap Year

  After all the hard work of A Levels, it’s a good time to chill out for a while before restarting the academic journey. However, some people decide to experience the world before heading to University or starting a full-time job, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. Here’s our top reasons to have a gap year!   […]

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