7 Days In Sicily: Must See

  I recently talked about a beautiful Italian Island in another post, and today I would like you to discover another incredible place in Italy: Sicily. Most of you may know this Island because of mafia-related movies and other not-so-flattering stories, but Sicily is an enchanting and peaceful island, perfect for relaxing with family or friends. […]

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Holidaymakers – Cash VS Card

  One of the biggest issues facing holidaymakers in the 21st century is regarding currency and more specifically in what format to carry it. Finding a stress free solution to this issue isn’t always clear as the two main options; taking cash or taking a credit card both have their advantages and pitfalls. The constant […]

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For Nature Lovers Kenya Is The Perfect Travel Destination

  For anyone who loves nature, Kenya in East Africa is the perfect location for a getaway. Home to some of Africa’s most amazing wildlife and a combination of Savannah and lake lands, Kenya is an amazing place. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but also because of its abundant wildlife, making it […]

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5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia in September

  As you may already know, Sardinia is a beautiful gem in the Mediterranean sea. One of the biggest islands in Italy and the most well-known. This enchanting place is known for its beautiful beaches and its intense night life especially along the Costa Smeralda, the place where many celebrities love to dock their luxury […]

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5 Historic Tourist Spots in the UAE

  If you’re interested in historical tourist spots in the UAE, you will be spoilt for choice. From ancient mosques to more modern marvels, the region is full of excellent places to visit. Here are just five of them.   Burj Khalifa, Dubai Perhaps best-known as the world’s tallest skyscraper, Dubai’s 160 storey Burj Khalifa is 2,722 […]

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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit Greece

  Greece is an amazing country with lots of great sights and attractions. Currently, most travellers can’t see the benefits of visiting Greece because of the negatives. Thanks to the Eurozone crisis, the country is in turmoil and holidaymakers and travellers alike are giving it a wide berth. However, it is now the perfect time […]

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